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Village Surveys

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

With the help of volunteers from local colleges, we were able to conduct surveys in the villages we have projects in. The surveys covered many topics, including the conditions of the PHC, the villager's needs and expectations, and their health and wellbeing. On August 16, 65 students from Avinashilingam surveyed 220 villagers in Selakkarichal; on August 27, 110 students from Avinashilingam surveyed 440 villagers in Madampatti; and on September 3rd, 175 students from Avinashilingam surveyed 328 villagers in Sennanur.

The students individually spent time with each villager to get to know them and the conditions they are in. This survey will help with PHC inventory and the purchase of new medical equipment for PHCs. The survey will also help CHF better connect with those in need and understand their perspective to further develop projects. Volunteers also got experience through this opportunity by interacting with locals and developing their communication skills.

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