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Tiny Feet – In Collaboration with Rotary International

CHF identifies and creates special programs that can yield significant clinical and health benefits. One of these programs was created to address maternal and infant mortality during pregnancy and childbirth. Despite significant government investment and efforts to improve outcomes during pregnancy to ensure the good health of mother and baby, gaps remain, and we have an unacceptably high rate of infant and maternal mortality. To combat this, CHF partnered with Rotary Clubs in both India and the US, initiating "The Tiny Feet Project" in Coimbatore, South India. Siddarth Kasi has been raising funds by presenting at the Rotary clubs in Orlando and in India. With his effort, he has raised $100,000 for this project. We extend our sincere appreciation to the Rotary Clubs and the Rotary Foundation for their generous support. This initiative, in collaboration with the Coimbatore district's health ministry, has identified 53 rural and tribal Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs). The maternal wards in these PHCs will be enhanced to industry standards, ensuring safer childbirth experiences. The equipment will be procured from a local vendor in Coimbatore and distributed to the PHCs at the beginning of 2024. Siddarth Kasi has been raising funds by presenting at the Rotary Clubs in the Orlando area and in India.

Current Labor Ward in Karamadai PHC, Coimbatore


Pregnant mothers waiting outside one of our adopted PHCs

Equipment List

Sid Fundraising.png

Presentations by Sid Kasi at the Rotary Clubs in the US and in India

The Tiny Feet Project extends beyond the purview of a mere healthcare initiative. It epitomizes our commitment to preserving lives, empowering rural communities through health literacy, and bridging the chasm between rural and urban healthcare provision. With your invaluable support, we can bring about a significant positive change in maternal and infant health in the Coimbatore District, thereby nurturing a healthier future for forthcoming generations.

Here's the link for the identified PHCs:

Here’s the link for the maternal ward in some of the identified PHCs:

Presentations by Siddarth Kasi at the Rotary Clubs:

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