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We strive to develop medical facilities in underdeveloped areas worldwide in cooperation with the local government, businesses, and NGOs. We believe that the combination of philanthropy and public organization is essential to the development of healthcare - CHF




Collaborative Healthcare Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Siddarth S Kasi to do our part in providing essential healthcare to people in need. We believe that healthcare is a fundamental right of citizens that also strengthens the economy and security of a nation. The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed the inadequacies of health systems worldwide. Our members are primarily high school and college students who desire to serve and give back to their communities. We strive to build productive partnerships with governments, NGOs, and society and make a positive impact with all of our humanitarian pursuits.


  1. Primary Healthcare Center Utilization: Along with the development of clinic and hospital facilities (with adequate supplies and equipment), it is important to ensure their utilization.

  2. Post-Covid Management: India has been greatly affected by COVID, and long-term sequelae of this illness will be a major healthcare issue.

  3. Diabetes and Heart Disease: Diabetes is becoming an epidemic in India. Consequently, cardiovascular disease will put a strain on fragile healthcare systems. 

  4. Mental Health and Suicide: The suicide rate in India is among the top in the world, and mental health needs to be addressed early in order to save lives.

  5. Hygiene: Poor sanitation, pollution, and the dearth of clean drinking water in certain areas are responsible for infectious diseases and cancers. 

  6. Road Accidents: Lack of attention to transportation infrastructure and safety rules and mechanisms contribute to an inexcusable loss of young lives in developing countries such as India.

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Our Guarantees

  • Our goal is not to criticize government performance but to collaborate with governments and strengthen their programs in order to better serve the people.

  • We have no intention of profiting from our programs or from the government.

  • Our goal is to improve the faith of the community in the government.

  • We intend on forming stable long-term partnerships with governments. We are not in it for the short term.

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