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Sankarandampalayam Ladies Ward Inauguration

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

On June 16th, 2023, CHF held an inauguration event for the newly constructed ladies’ ward at the Sankarandampalayam PHC. The ward was funded by donations from Shivani and Vaishnavi as Sankarandampalyam is their maternal grandmother’s hometown. Their contributions played a crucial role in making this project a reality and addressing the needs of the female patients. The ward aimed to provide a comfortable and private environment for women seeking medical care at the Sankarandampalayam PHC. Medical equipment such as an autoclave, used to sterilize medical equipment, were donated through CHF funds. The inauguration event not only marked the completion of the ladies' ward but also served as an opportunity to recognize the efforts of influential leaders in the healthcare field who contributed to the success of this initiative. These leaders played a vital role in supporting and facilitating the project, further emphasizing the collaborative nature of this achievement. Our foundation was also interviewed by the press so it reaches a greater audience and catches the eyes of local volunteers who are willing to contribute to CHF. Towards the end of the event, CHF organized a raffle, adding an element of excitement and engagement for the patients attending the inauguration. The raffle provided an opportunity for patients to win prizes and connect further with our organization. It allowed us to foster a sense of community and gratitude, highlighting our commitment to patient well-being and appreciation for their support.

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