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Beginning work on two new PHCs!

I have been granted the opportunity to adopt 2 PHC’s in Telangana and Punjab, as both the locations are in need of dire help in terms of equipment and funding. I picked these 2 PHC’s due to both of them being my hometown, and having ready availability to talk to each one due to close family members nearby. With research on the areas, these PHC’s have covered various diseases throughout the area. Many of these diseases involve diabetes, and these PHC’s don’t have enough supplies or infrastructure to cover the immense amount of people that are at the area. After discussing with the doctors in Punjab about what the PHC needs and how we can help them, we have gotten a main priorities list that we can focus on. They need different types of medicines, equipment, and procedural tools that they are unable to afford. We will be providing these different items to them in hopes of increasing general quality at the PHC. - Aadi Trehan

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