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Sangarendampallyam PHC Adoption by Shivani and Vaishnavi Sivasamy

This December, we had the great opportunity to visit the Primary Health Center, located in Sangaradeedampallyam in Tiruppur District. This is the closest PHC to the Peramiyam village where our grandmother was born. We interviewed the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals that worked at the facility, as well as other villagers that occupy that area. Upon reflection after these conversations, we realized the dire need for a few essential equipment and possible renovation of the medical lab. We're working with the local contractors and the PHC staff to plan the renovation and the list of equipment needed. We hope to complete the work in the PHC before May 2023, and to have a small event in June.

- Shivani and Vaishnavi Sivasamy

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