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Medical Camp at Selakarichal

CHF conducted a medical camp in the rural village of Selakarichal in South India. We collaborated with PSG Medicals and The Rotary Club of Texcity to fund and conduct the camp. The NSS students from PSG Art and Science were eager to volunteer at the camp, as they honed their communication and service skills while interacting with patients and medical professionals. We had the assistance of Physicians from Pediatrics, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, and General Medicine departments to aid in providing tests and obtaining reliable medical results. To our shock, many of the men and women above age 40 were diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. Many patients were unaware of their medical conditions as they had never visited a doctor before this. The main reason is due to the strenuous commute to the nearest Primary Healthcare Centers as they are under-provided in villages. The results of the examinations were given to the patients and were referred to the nearest hospital. This ensures that patients have insight into their health conditions and have access to medical professionals that can aid in their treatment.

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