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Holiday Project with Matthew’s Hope and SALT

Matthew’s Hope and SALT are programs in Central Florida that aim to mitigate the effects of homelessness and aid unhoused people by providing necessary services and materials. CHF volunteers took the initiative this Christmas Break by meeting unhoused families in person and connecting with them through conversation over a hot breakfast provided by CHF. Volunteers got the opportunity to hone their communication and service skills while also learning about the positive impacts social work can bring to a community. The Volunteers asked the guests for any items they wish to have for Christmas and took notes. For instance, a mother of 2 children wished for her children to have sneakers for Christmas. Another child wished to have an ice hockey playing set for the holidays. CHF's mission during the holidays is to provide these items to families to make their break special and joyful. The project was also a great way to foster new relationships with service centers, as they are an integral part of providing equity to those that are less fortunate.

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