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Equipment Donation at Wolkite University Hospital

CHF members Peter and Paul Samuel surveyed the staff at Wolkite University Hospital in Ethiopia to assess their needs. The city has a population of approximately 4.2 million people and the single PHC (Wolkite Hospital) serves about 240 patients per day. The most common diseases among patients include pneumonia, dyspepsia, and schizophrenia. The hospital also includes a maternity ward, where on average 110 babies are delivered per month including 46 C-sections. The donated items include snares, stents, injection needles, surgical masks, and much more. The total costs of the donations were $12,000 and the items will be the initial help to restock the inventory of the maternity and GI ward. CHF looks forward to further developing international relations and making more global connections to improve healthcare all around the world.

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