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Sophia is a district within Georgetown, Guyana. This predominantly Afro-Guyanese enclave is among the most economically challenged in the city. Here the public healthcare delivery system struggles to reach the needy, and is overburdened by high demand and a low inventory of supplies. The Night Shelter in East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, is one such facility which the unhoused rely on for help.


The night shelter runs a wound care program that tends to the medical needs of its residents, but is severely constrained by its inventory of supplies for basic wound care. I came to know about the night shelter through my dad’s friend, Zayn Alli, who has been volunteering his time and services at the night shelter. He was instrumental in helping to identify the shelter's needs. After multiple calls and virtual meetings between CHF members and the night shelter staff, we made a final list of the essential supplies required. As the CHF International lead for Guyana, I arranged to procure these supplies through CHF and shipped them to Guyana.


With the assistance of Mr. Zee and Mr. Narine Khublall, the medical supplies were shipped from Orlando, Florida, to the night shelter. I’m very thankful for the generous contribution from the Collaborative Healthcare Foundation to Guyana and am grateful for giving the Diaspora an opportunity to give back to a country we will always call home.


Junior, East Ridge High School, Orlando FL

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