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Ecuador has everything! It has amazing volcanoes, beautiful mountains, the fascinating Amazon, the fruity Coast, and the Galapagos Islands. Nestled in this wonderland, is the Cumbe Health Sub-center located in the south of Cuenca in the Province of Azuay. The parish of San Luis de Cumbe is divided into 28 communities. According to INEC, it has an approximate population of 55,46 inhabitants. Every day, the staff is dedicated to offering care of General / Family Medicine, Dentistry, Vaccinations, Nursing, and Psychology. Daily, the health center interacts with approximately 40-50 people. The most prevalent chronic diseases in Cumbe include Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Osteoarthritis, and Respiratory problems. In children, medical conditions include Digestive and Malnutrition problems.


The health Subcenter faces challenges in its operations due to a lack of basic medical equipment required for medical care. Recognizing the pressing needs of the clinic, CHF members conducted research to understand the needs of the Subcenter and address its requirements. As a result, a donation was made that included essential medical equipment such as a blood pressure monitor, stethoscope, fetal Doppler, adult pulse oximeter, digital thermometer, COVID tests, and flashlights.


I, Dr. Edison Tenezaca Quizhpi, was born in Canar, Ecuador currently in my second year of Medical Residency. I was made aware of the CHF foundation through my mother Maria Quizhpi. I was able to attend a meeting about CHF and learn more about its impact and the aid that it can provide around the world. With the aid of my wife Gina Nieves, we were able to contact Dr. Catalina Minga, who is the Administrator of the Health Center of Cumbe. As a result, I was able to learn about the current challenges and barriers the clinic in Cumbe was facing. The donated items did not just provide immediate relief but also represent a long-term commitment to improve the medical infrastructure of the Cumbe Health Center. I look forward to continuing working with CHF to provide as much aid as possible throughout Ecuador.


Dr.Edison Tenezaca Quizhpi
2nd-year Resident, 
Leonard J Chabert Medical Center,
Houma Louisiana

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